Wild in the City

One of my favorite places to go for a run is less than a mile from my home in West Little Rock. You would think I have been transported out of the metropolis that is Little Rock into some kind of wilderness but no, parks like these are plentiful in my city. Arkansas is a beautiful place. They don’t call it “The Natural State” because of unshaven armpits.

This specific park is called Two Rivers. There are three fantastic pedestrian bridges that cross the Arkansas River in Little Rock, and this happens to be prettiest one with some of the most lush, resplendent trails. I mean just check out those trees. IMG_1836


Someone please remind me that I should probably use the restroom before I take my daily jog. I’m not sure if I ran down the trail or… danced. It was painful.


Despite my pain-induced choreography I managed to complete a slow jog. I’m not a fast person. I have tiny legs and sort of resemble an albino pygmy but I’ve been using a great app called Couch 2 5K that has been given me a pretty good workout. The app paces you so that you aren’t completely and suddenly overwhelmed with an intimidating workout that you couldn’t possibly finish. What did I do today? Well let’s check my Fitbit Versa.


Awwwww yeah.

But now comes the other (usually) painful part of my day: the aftermath. I’m in my thirties and am already suffering from joint pain so I’ve been taking this little product for the last couple of months. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has reduced my joint pain. It’s also fantastic for muscles, skin, hair, and most importantly our brain.


This is a totally grass fed, pasture raised product and is COMPLETELY tasteless. That means you can put it in your coffee or tea without tasting anything. It’s been a great addition to my bullet-proof coffee every morning.

Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe:

  • 8 oz of coffee
  • 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of grassfed butter
  • 1 dash of cinnamon
  • 1 Scoop of Biooptimal Collagen Powder

Put it in the blender for a few seconds and it comes out like a lovely whipped latte. Great way to start your day!

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https://amzn.to/2rPE8vY Fitbit Versa Smartwatch



The Old versus Versa (See what I did there?)

I tried the Fitbit thing before. I owned (and still own, however unused) the ChargeHR. This version was fun… at first. I loved the step challenges I had with my friends. I almost never won them (I’m pretty sure some of them cheated) but they kept me motivated to stay active.


However, after awhile I noticed a few annoying issues with the ChargeHR. For one, as you can see in the photo below, it was very difficult to clean. You were supposed to use Cetaphil to clean it but you couldn’t use water. How does that even work? Well you could use water, I suppose but if you did, the plastic on top of the Fitbit would bubble up. I went through two or three before I just quit using it. It also seemed to run out of energy quickly so after a while I thought… what’s the point?


So I quit. For a little while anyway. But then things got reallllly hairy. I started back to school as a non-traditional student, pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in English, and I just didn’t feel that I had time to work out anymore. Well… until I got onto the scale that I had been avoiding all school year, that is. It turns out I had gained more weight than I ever have IN MY LIFE.


Suddenly, getting back into shape became a major priority. I wanted to use my ChargeHR again but there was no going back to that dirty, gross piece of plastic. I didn’t want to pay for the Apple Watch. Just too… much… money. And then I think there are data charges?

But even without data charges


That’s when I found this beauty: The new Fitbit Versa.


See how fancy it is? If it was in a Fitbit beauty contest, it would definitely win. Don’t worry, guys. It comes in black and gray and all of the other boring colors. And if you really want to spruce it up, you can order different bands for it. Mine has a rose gold face frame because rose gold is basically thee metallic of the season.

But on to more important things. What can it do? Well, I for one, love the fitness tracking. You can choose between swimming (yes, you can use it for 50 meters in the pool), cycling, running, strength training or any other workout.

Other features?

  • You can link music on your phone and control what you listen to from your watch.
  • You can set alarms.
  • YOU CAN RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES (Obviously, the most important feature).
  • They have a fantastic Relax app that helps you wind down when you’re stressed out.
  • Easy to clean with a silicone band (unless you get the leather or metallic)
  • You can check the weather.
  • They have like a billion watch face designs. Really. Like a billion to match your style. Look at all these pretty things!
  • IMG_1799

But really. There are so many apps that you can link to it. The Walgreens app lets you earn points toward purchases, you can stream Pandora, link your Starbucks app, use a calculator, read the New York Times, link your calender and SO MUCH MORE. It’s a great alternative to the Apple Watch and soooooo easy to use. Go buy it. Here I am with my new Fitbit Versa.


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