New Color

You know it’s probably not a good day to get your hair done when the sky has that brooding, I hate you and I’m gonna murder your hair appearance. I have curly hair. Really curly hair and it’s ultra-fine which is an incredibly rare texture for curly hair. So when humidity strikes, it is time to break out a bucket of humidity control hairspray.

And sometimes that doesn’t even work.

I braved the foreboding clouds anyway, however, and made my way to Studio 2121 here in Little Rock, where Taylor Mayhood broke out a new color for my ill-tempered locks. I wanted to go a little darker with maybe a slight hint of red. Taylor mixed an ashy chestnut color with a deep mahogany.


At first I thought the color might be a little too dark for my pale, white-girl skin but I think it was just a shock to my system because it is a bit of an attention-grabber. I think the contrast actually works nicely.




Taylor put some pretty waves in my hair and as she worked with it, she made a comment about how healthy my hair was and that she could tell I took care of it. This was shocking indeed since my hair has always damaged easily. I try to keep it moisturized, don’t wash it every day, and am very particular about the products I use in it. I also acknowledge that nutrition plays a vital role in healthy hair. So putting collagen powder in my coffee every morning has definitely helped to improve the strength of my hair.



I do have kind of a recipe I use in my hair to make sure it doesn’t fry from all of the heat styling I use on it. Some of you may laugh but some of the products that many people of color use are fantastic for hair, especially if it tends to be dry. I use Africa’s Best Herbal Oil first to provide moisture to any damaged ends. I then spray It’s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner generously on my hair and finish it off with Matrix Miracle Creator. After I blow-dry my hair with a large round brush and either straighten or curl my hair, I touch up any dry spots with Bedhead’s After Party Smoothing Cream.


And what am I wearing? (Black blouse, comes in 4 colors) (Whisper Tee) (Beadhead After Party) (Matrix Miracle Creator) (It’s a 10 with Keratin) (It’s a 10 without Keratin– lower price) (Africa’s Best Herbal Oil) (Collagen- reduced price)